Logona Natural Body Care

Logona Natural Body Care

Logona brings carefully-crafted, German personal care products to America at prices you can live with. The company uses many certified organically grown ingredients, and leaves out the synthetic preservatives, colors, and petrochemical derivatives. Logona conducts no animal testing of its products.    Logona Brand Information Flyer PDF
    Age Protection Skin Care
  • The Logona Age Protection series provide a very high level of added skin care and treatment, to reflect the much more demanding conditions of maturing skin. Concentrated phytoactive ingredients, natural moisturizing agents and premium botanical oils target specific skin problems, while stimulating the skin’s own self-correcting capabilities. Shop for Age Protection Skin Care
  • Baby & Kids Products
  • Because your baby’s skin is so sensitive to external influences, it requires loving, thoughtful care. The protective functions of the skin’s outer layers are normally not fully-mature until the twelfth year. A child’s skin can benefit from gentle bodycare products which reinforce these protective functions, and prevent the skin from drying. Shop for Baby & Kids Products
  • Concealers
  • LOGONA Coversticks conceal skin tone irregularities, such as reddish areas, visible capillaries, dark areas around the eyes, age spots, or small scars. Following the liquid foundation, apply the coverstick to the problem areas, blending gently with your fingertips. Follow with a powder to blend and fix the The coversticks are packaged in an easy to use lipstick-like cartridge. Coverstick 02 works with nearly every skin tone, functioning according to the principle of complementary colors. In addition to the more solid coverstick shades, LOGONA also offers a silken textured concealer cream. Shop for Concealers
  • Daily Care
  • Logona’s Daily Care series offers quality, BDIH certified personal care products formulated with the entire family in mind. It also offers natural product newcomers a straightforward, uncomplicated way to explore natural personal care. Each Daily Care product, whether for body, skin, or hair, represents a solid, basic option in a market so awash with choices many consumers find overwhelming. With this set of products, we break it down and simplify it for you.

    Logona Daily Care products make no compromise with ingredients. They utilize the gentlest, natural cleansers available, premium vegetable oils from certified organic agriculture, and pure, natural fragrances. And each product is dermatologist tested.
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  • Displays & Prepacks
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  • Eyeliner Pencils Liquid Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencils
  • Logona Eyeliner Pencils with refined earth pigments emphasize and contour your eyes in an uncomplicated way. In addition to natural oils and waxes, they contain nurturing jojoba and natural Vitamin E. Their skin-friendly formula and smooth texture, allows application to the inside of the lid. Whether you want an eyeliner to reinforce your eye color or to contrast your eye color, Logona offers seven classic eyeliner shades from which to choose. Shop for Eyeliner Pencils Liquid Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencils
  • Eyeshadow Duos & Pencils
  • For radiant, expressive eyes. The newest generation of Logona eye shadow powders possess excellent skin compatibility and an ultra-fine, silky texture. The rich color palette results from unique combinations of purified iron oxides with powdered mica. They also contain nurturing jojoba and natural Vitamin E. Shop for Eyeshadow Duos & Pencils
  • Facial Care For All Skin Types
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  • Facial Care For Dry And Normal Skin
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  • Facial Care For Sensitive Skin
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  • Foundations
  • LOGONA pressed foundations give your complexion a flawless finish and natural radiance. These lightly-textured foundations contain skin nourishing oils, shine reducing natural clay particles, and natural pigments. Their texture applies easily to harmonize skin irregularities and discolorations, to conceal fine lines, and to bind moisture.

    Application Tip: Apply small drops of foundation onto your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and spread with your fingertips or makeup sponge, using outward strokes.
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  • Free Fragrance - Hypo Allergenic Products
  • Hypo Allergenic - Logona Free is the hypo-allergenic care series formulated for skin that reacts strongly to emotional stress, environmental change, pollutants, strong fragrances, and aggressive ingredients. Since fragrance, whether natural or synthetic, does bother many people, all essential oils and herbal extracts have been eliminated from these products. Shop for Free Fragrance - Hypo Allergenic Products
  • Hair Care - Conditioners Treatments & Styling Aids
  • If you wash your hair frequently, or treat it chemically in some way, then you should regularly give it the extra care of a conditioner or treatment product. LOGONA offers several products that deliver your hair rich amounts of botanical extracts and oils, restoring vitality, suppleness, and manageability.

    Logona’s Styling Aids include Hair Spray with natural film formers, botanical conditioning agents, such as non-coloring henna and sesame oil, plus moisture retaining glycerin for enhanced hold, volume, and elasticity, and Styling Gel with nourishing bamboo extract.
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  • Hair Care - Shampoos
  • Well-groomed, healthy looking hair boosts your self-confidence and sense of well-being. Logona hair shampoos and LavaErde cleansers, conditioners, and treatments give you the tools you need to maintain your hair’s natural beauty. Free of petrochemical derivatives, synthetic preservatives, and colors. Exceptionally mild, biodegradable sudsing agents. Dermatologist-tested. Shop for Hair Care - Shampoos
  • Hair Coloring Aids
  • Logona Hair Color Application Brush is a great tool to apply either a powder mixture or a color cream. To prepare your hair optimally prior to coloring, use Logona Color Plus, with green clay and birch leaf extract. It cleans your hair intensively, removing treatment and styling product residues, other particulate matter, and excess oil. The result is a surface onto which the hair color can adhere better. Logona Hair Color Conditioner is recommended for maintenance of your hair’s color instead of shampoo. This special conditioner intensifies and underlines the color and brilliance of your hair. Shop for Hair Coloring Aids
  • Herbal Hair Color Creams
  • The new LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Creams represent a truly new and innovative approach to hair coloring. Based solidly on decades of experience with the popular LOGONA Herbal Hair Color powdered mixtures, the new Color Creams add convenience and simplicity to the process. The Color Creams are ready to use right out of the tube! No mixing with hot water or coffee or anything. Just squeeze the product from the tube and apply. Shop for Herbal Hair Color Creams
  • Herbal Hair Color Powders
  • For nearly 30 years, countless women around the world have achieved breathtaking color results with Logona Herbal Hair Color Powders. Available in shades ranging from a luminous golden blonde to a deep, shimmery black, Logona hair color powders represent the gold standard of the mix-it-yourself hair colors. Natural Ingredients. Period. Logona Herbal Hair Color Powders contain only 100% natural, botanical colorants and conditioning agents. Shop for Herbal Hair Color Powders
  • Lip Gloss
  • Five easy to apply sheer glosses that you can use alone or over a lipstick. Apply it directly from the tube to your lips, and spread with the rounded tip.

    As with all Logona cosmetics, Logona lip glosses are free of synthetic preservatives, colors and fragrances, and, of course, BDIH certified.
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  • Lipstick
  • Whether your intention is simply to establish a counterpoint to your eyes, or to make a strong, sensual statement, a lip color is a power makeup tool. Logona offers a broad palette of tasteful shades, from the nearly sheer to the expressive. Formulated with vegetable oils and waxes, natural Vitamin E, and purified natural pigments, Logona lipsticks go on perfectly to give your lips a deliciously silky, soft texture. Both the color and care they provide your lips are long lasting. Shop for Lipstick
  • Lipstick Pencils
  • This is the LOGONA makeup classic - the jumbo lip pencil that just lasts and lasts. This was the first makeup product which LOGONA offered, nearly 20 years ago. At that time, it represented something of a challenge to the German natural marketplace (what natural woman needs lipstick?!), but it was an instant hit with the consumers. And LOGONA has never stopped pushing the natural market, both in Europe and the US, with innovative makeup products.

    To maintain the proper point of a LOGONA lipstick pencil, we recommend the dual sharpener. If your pencil becomes too soft to sharpen easily, just put it into the refrigerator for a couple of minutes, and try again.
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  • Literature
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  • Make-up Accessories
  • You can fill the Logona modular compact with pressed powders, blushes and eyeshadows, as your own needs dictate. The sturdy, refillable compact should offer you years of service saving both money and packaging material. The size of a lipstick case, the soft, goat hair travel brush has many makeup uses, and is very practical to carry in your purse. Before retiring, Logona eye makeup remover gently cleans the delicate skin around the eyes, while nourishing the skin with pure grape seed and castor oils. Pure, simple, and non-irritating. Shop for Make-up Accessories
  • Make-Up Powders
  • Loose makeup powders from LOGONA help to "fix" your makeup foundation - whether a tinted day cream or foundation - and provide a silken, matte finish. They also provide better adhesion for blush powders and eyeshadow powders. A loose powder tends to soften contours.

    LOGONA pressed powders perform the same function as a loose powder. However, they tend to create a sharper, more sculpted makeup effect. They are also ideal to freshen your makeup.
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  • Mann
  • Specially formulated for the unique requirements of men’s skin and hair, Logona products for men contain carefully-selected herbal extracts and vegetable oils derived from organically grown or wildcrafted plants. They are free of synthetic preservatives, colors and petrochemicals. Essential oils, such as citrus and oak moss, provide the clean, fresh fragrance. Shop for Mann
  • Mascara
  • A good mascara has much to do. First, it should give the lashes color, volume, and liveliness. It should also care for the lash to prevent the delicate hair from breaking. It must also be gentle enough not to irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. And finally, it should be easily removed without using aggressive solvents. Logona mascaras combine nurturing properties with optimal, effective coloration. The gentle formulas combine pure vegetable oils and waxes with long-lasting, purified natural colors. The result: thick, expressive lashes full of life. For the most natural look, choose the classic Dark Brown shade. For a stronger contrast or for stylish accents, we recommend the Black or Dark Blue mascara shades. Shop for Mascara
  • Oral Care
  • Logona toothpaste and dental gels, are based on the most recent scientific studies as well as herbalist traditions. Extracts of Echinacea and Green Tea slow plaque and cavity development by inhibiting bacterial growth. Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Myrrh strengthen gum tissues and help prevent inflammation. Small amounts of finely-ground silica and sea salt are included to provide the brush with fine particles to clean more effectively. The herbal extracts utilized contain trace amounts of minerals and naturally-occurring fluoride. Logodent products contain no fluorides, synthetic colors or preservatives and they are completely free of sodium lauryl sulfate. Shop for Oral Care
  • Rouge Duo
  • Logona silken blush powders add freshness, warmth and contours to your features with just a couple of strokes. Their exceptionally fine consistency permits them to glide on effortlessly. Each color option contains both a light and darker shade of the same family for greater variety and possibilities. In general, use the lighter shade for a subtle understated makeup, and the darker shade for more dramatic effects in the evening. Or blend the two shades for a unique color nuance. Shop for Rouge Duo